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The Latest News

July 9 2016: Epic's Run for the health of it 2K/10K and Epic Overload Strength Competition

It's that time of year folks. Get yourself ready for this annual July event. Download your entry here or at Facebook. New events but the same fun competion. 

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Epic Overload Strength Contest and 2K/10K Results (2015)

The recent 2k/10k run and the Epic Overload Strength contest were a huge success. So many people came out to cheer for the runners and competitors and we are grateful for everyone who did. It takes a great deal of courage to enter anything like this and each person should be proud of their achievement. We are certainly proud of you!

2K results:

Jenn Thomas          1st; Female 40-49      Time: 9.50.28

Kellie Sutton            1st; Female 20-29      Time: 18.09.66

Elaine Sutton           1st; Female 60+         Time: 19.05.61

10K results:

Leslie Sutton            1st; Female 30-30      Time:

Tina Sutton               2nd; Female 30-39     Time:

Cynthia Herman       1st; Female 50-59      Time:

Stacey Rogers         1st; Female 40-49       Time: 58.54.23

Eileen Sutton            2nd; Female 40-49     Time:

Nelson Ackerman     1st; Men 30-39           Time: 53.09.66

EPIC Overload Strength Competition

Women Under 145                       Place                      Gym Affiliation

Shana Esselburn                          1st place                Epic Fitness

Stacey Marlar                               2nd place               Durniat Strength

Note: Stacey was training for an upcoming powerlifting competition and chose to use the Mens Under 205 weights for a couple events.

Women Over 145

Kristi Perry                                    1st place                 Crossfit Mentality

Men Under 205

Tanner Steinbauer                        1st place                 Musclekamp Fitness

Titus Bixler                                    2nd place                Representing Waynedale High School

Taylor (Hendo) Hendershot          3rd place                 Epic Fitness

Men Over 205

Dirk Barnes                                    1st place                 924 Crossfit

John Stone                                     2nd place               Durniat Strength

Forrest Lang                                   3rd place                Epic Fitness

Special Mention: Jeremy Crone of Ashland YMCA

!!!Attention Coaches and Parents!!!

Now is the perfect time to enlist the PADS assessment for your athletes. Call us at 740-502-0511 for details and prices for your team or for an individual athlete. Don't let an unrecognized, weak musculoskeletal area prevent you or your student athlete from competing or winning. Booster clubs, this is a great way to help your team gain an advantage in preparedness. Our system is proven so let us help.  

An open Christmas card to all of our Epic family: 12/22/2014

It has been such a pleasure to work with, and get to know, each of you. Since we opened in 2012, our mission has always been to offer a service that allows you to reach a healthy goal and to help improve your quality of life. Beyond that, we have strived to not be mere business people in the community but, more so, people you trust. To us you are not just members, you’re friends. In a small community and with a small business, we feel blessed that we can share with you and let you into our lives just as so many of you have done to us. It’s easy to forget, throughout the year, to express ourselves and to only recall the important things we so often should say buy only share once or twice at various holidays. Just know that, to us, we are grateful for you at all times and we hope that the blessing you are to us comes back to you 100 times over.

Thank you for being a part of our lives and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Kenny and Dianne  

Sunday changes

Please note that our Sunday hours have changed. We are now open from 11:30am until 2 pm. Someone will be available to help with you training and to work with you, if needed.

PADS assessment and training - NEW!


PADS is an Epic Fitness concept designed to assess balancing movement correlations as well as mobility and stability throughout the body. From athletes interested in peak performance, persons in occupations that require physical effort, to older adults interested in enhanced functional movement for daily living, Epic’s PADS approach will help you achieve your objective.

This assessment, and subsequent training, provides a measure of the ability of a person to function independently and safely in the home environment or through enhanced ability on the sporting stage.

If you want to improve sports performance or simply lead a better quality of life, PADS can help prepare you for optimal movement and an improved existance. Call today!

Epic Overload Strength Competition Results

Epic Fitness congratulates the participants and winners of the Epic Overload Strength Competition held July 12, 2014. Held in conjunction with the Shreve Homecoming, the event was a huge success. Men and women participant tested their strength and endurance through a series of four events; the Farmers Walk, Bar Press, Obstacle Course and Truck Pull. Men pulled a fire truck weighing over 26,000 pounds and women pulled a Hummer weighing over 8,600 pounds.

The final standings went as follows:


Men Under 205

Men Over 205

Women Under 145

Women Over 145


Conner Faught

Tim Coglin

Shana Essleburn

Katie Bachman


Thomas Cooper

Tim Eveland




Aaron Becker

Austin Shoults




Congratulations to all. It was a test of courage more than anything else and each person represented themselves, their families, and Epic Fitness well.

A special thanks goes out to Rosie Fisher, Tyler Johnson, Javon Merrill, the Village of Shreve and the Shreve Business Association for their hard work in making this a success.

We look forward to the next competition.

Kenny and Dianne

BIG News!

07/14/2014: We have relocated to 104 S. Market St in Shreve (directly across the street from the gas station). We are about 75% finished with our renovations and are still assembling some equipment so please bear with us. Our new site will allow us to offer more and serve you better as we strive to bring you the best fitness center in the area.

Epic Resolution Results

Before we say congratulations to our top placers in the Epic New Year’s Resolution contest, we want to applaud everyone who participated. Beginning a fitness program is never an easy task. Attach to that expectations from traditions such as resolutions you make for yourself or family and work commitments, and the undertaking seems even larger. Every person had their own challenges but made time to try and reach their goal. It’s never easy but the reward is always worth the sweat. That being said almost everyone burned an additional 13,000 calories during the 90 span. Even if you didn’t “place” you still won because you had the guts to try. Like Arnold said, “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

Now, the top three placers:

1)      Conner Fought: Conner burned 27,484 calories and lost 11% body fat

2)      Shana Esselburn: She burned 31,350 calories and, although she gained 3 pounds, she lost inches.

3)      Katie Bachman: Katie burned 21,477.6 calories and lost 7% body fat.

Special Mention:

4)      Libya Visocky: Libya burned 25,364.6 calories. Talk about someone who can walk/jog all day! Several times she burned over 1,000 calories through marathons on the treadmill.

5)      Bobbie Bash: Bobby burned 18,068.25 calories and lost 4 pounds and 1% body fat. Great job!

Each is proof that you CAN reach your goal through persistence. Like we always say, “Don’t be average, be EPIC!” To us, all of you are. Congratulations.

Exercise vs. Training? Is there a difference?

While a majority of places want to focus on giving you a place to exercise, Epic takes the time to help you train. There is a BIG difference. Exercise is physical activity for its own sake, a workout done for the effect it produces today, during the workout or right after you're through. Training is physical activity done with a longer-term goal in mind in which the fundamental workouts are specifically designed to bring about the goal.

Training is about the process you undertake to generate a specific result later, maybe much later. Training may even involve a light day that you perceive to be a waste of time if you only consider today. Goals can range from anything that is sport specific to simply having the ability to navigate stairs without assistance or pain. At Epic Fitness & Rehab we don’t just take the time to show you how to do an exercise, we work to tie it into a specific goal that allows you to see incremental progress. 

Many fads/trends saturate today’s fitness market making it difficult for the beginner, and often times the advanced, to know exactly what is best for them. CrossFit, for example, is an example of these types of trends. CrossFit is basically a blanket exposure to an assortment of different movements at different intensities. Most of these movements are done for time (as many reps as possible) for a fixed time period or with a predetermined number of reps done as fast as possible. Therefore it is more exercise than training, since it is random and training, as I said before, necessitates that we plan what we are going to do in order to achieve a specific purpose.

Remember, for you to be successful in your fitness/health quest you must have a specific goal. If a program of physical activity is not designed to get you stronger, faster or better conditioned it is just exercise. Epic wants you to achieve results and that is why training is our specialty. If you’re not achieving a desired outcome by doing a program that you set up for yourself or read in a magazine then ask yourself, am I really doing what I need to do to reach my goal and can it be improved? Not sure? Ask us, we’ll help.  

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Add a Punch to Your Lunch!

Epic now offers a "lunch box" workout. Use your lunch break to take a group fitness class and get in shape in a fun and supportive environment. With this "brown bag" special you never know what you're going to get but rest assured, you're fit desire is going to be fed well with a terrific 30 minute fitness experience. 

If you want to post an announcment, please let us know. We will put it here for $10 per month. Requests must be approved by our PR staff.

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